Saturday, March 20, 2010

Virtual Camera Rigs

Having the freedom to move a virtual 3D camera anywhere, anyhow and at any speed may seem like a virtue, freeing you up to achieve shots impossible in real world cinematography. This can be true for sure, but in many cases the lack of constraint on the camera can lead to impossible, overcomplicated, incredibly fast moving shots that hinder storytelling and confuse and even nauseate the audience.
By constraining the virtual camera to a simple virtual camera jib rig the resulting shots move in a familiar way that has worked in live action film making since the early days. The moves have a more 'real' and cinematic feel.
Thousands of euros worth of gear in real life - free in 3D. worth a shot (pardon the pun)

Here's a couple of simple free camera rigs to try out, one for max one for maya...
props to the individuals who made them.

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